Only a astrologer can get 10/10 in this quiz?

Only a astrologer can get 10/10 in this quiz

Only a astrologer can get 10/10 in this quiz

Q1: What does the word 'zodiac' mean?

  • A. Wisdom Of Time
  • B. Journey
  • C. Little Animals
  • D. Star Watcher

Q2: Which sign of the Zodiac is known as the 'youngest sign'?

  • A. Sagittarius
  • B. Leo
  • C. Aries
  • D. Taurus

Q3: Which planet is sometimes referred to as the 'Task Master'?

  • A. Venus
  • B. Mercury
  • C. Saturn
  • D. Jupiter

Q4: Each sign of the Zodiac is broken into three parts. What are these parts called?

  • A. Triplicity
  • B. Ascendants
  • C. Houses
  • D. Decanates

Q5: What are the names of the twins associated with the astrological sign Gemini?

  • A. Jupiter And Apollo
  • B. Eng And Chang
  • C. Castor And Pollux
  • D. Romulus And Remus

Q6: Which is not one of the three 'great circles' used by astrologers?

  • A. Equator
  • B. Elliptic
  • C. Horizon
  • D. Orbital

Q7: What is astrological sign Pisces' lucky day?

  • A. Saturday
  • B. Friday
  • C. Monday
  • D. Wednesday

Q8: What tree is the astrological sign Leo associated with?

  • A. Apple
  • B. Citrus
  • C. Nut
  • D. Pine

Q9: Which of the following is a feminine astrological sign?

  • A. Taurus
  • B. Libra
  • C. Aquarius
  • D. Gemini

Q10: What symbol represents Sagittarius in the Zodiac?

  • A. Goat
  • B. Crab
  • C. Archer
  • D. Lion

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