How much do you know about Stock Exchanges?

How much do you know about Stock Exchanges

Take this quiz to check how much you know about stock exchanges.

Q1: Find out the one that is not a credit rating agency

  • B. ICRA
  • C. CARE

Q2: Find the odd one out

  • A. SET:Thailand
  • B. NASDAQ:America
  • C. TSEC:Taiwan
  • D. JCI:Japan

Q3: Name the country whose index name is KOSPI

  • A. Japan
  • B. Singapore
  • C. South Korea
  • D. France

Q4: Choose the word that doesnot belong to stock exchange

  • A. KPO
  • B. NAV
  • C. NSE
  • D. IPO

Q5: What do you mean by 'Blue chip'

  • A. Company whose share always provide profit
  • B. A MNC
  • C. company that is listed on Foreign stock exchange
  • D. None of the above

Q6: In which year NSE was established

  • A. 1952
  • B. 1965
  • C. 1991
  • D. 1992

Q7: What is the term used for the price at which stock is sold to investors

  • A. Gross Proceeds
  • B. Non-cumulative Proceeds
  • C. Cumulative Proceeds
  • D. Net Proceeds

Q8: When was BSE established

  • A. 7 july 1874
  • B. 8 july 1874
  • C. 8 july 1875
  • D. 7 july 1875

Q9: Who was the founder of BSE

  • A. Premchand Roychand
  • B. Shri Sethuram Ravi
  • C. Ashishkumar Chauhan
  • D. None of the above

Q10: Who is the present CEO of NSE

  • A. Ravi Narain
  • B. Chitra Ramkrishna
  • C. Vikram Limaye
  • D. Naina Lal Kidwai

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