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How well you know about A K Hangal?

How well you know about A K Hangal

A K Hangal was an Indian theatre actor and film actor mainly appeared in hindi movies. He did 225 movies and gained huge recognition.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 06-Jun-2019

Q1: When A K Hangal was born

  • A. 2 jan 1915
  • B. 1 feb 1914
  • C. 21 dec 1911
  • D. 22 jan 1912

Q2: What was his full name

  • A. Arjun Kundra Hangal
  • B. Arshid Kishan Hangal
  • C. Avtar Kishan Hangal
  • D. Anjan Krishna Hangal

Q3: In which movie he made his first appearance

  • A. Jalwa
  • B. Arjun
  • C. Teesri Kasam
  • D. Guddi

Q4: Government Of India has honoured him with which Civilian Award

  • A. Padma Shri
  • B. Padma Bhusan
  • C. Padma Vibhusan
  • D. Bharat Ratna

Q5: Which theatre group he was a part of

  • A. Padatik
  • B. Nandikar
  • C. Mad About Drama
  • D. Indian People's Theatre Association

Q6: Who was the director of A K Hangal starring movie Shaukeen

  • A. Basu Chatterjee
  • B. Prakash Mehra
  • C. Rajkumar Kohli
  • D. Vinod Pande

Q7: Which movie did he star with Amol Palekar

  • A. Chitchor
  • B. Kamla
  • C. Sharaabi
  • D. Sirf

Q8: Which character was portrayed by him in the movie Avtaar

  • A. Avtaar Kishen
  • B. Ramesh Lishen
  • C. Bawaji
  • D. Rashid Ahmed

Q9: In which television series he did a cameo role

  • A. Kumkum Bhagya
  • B. Tenali Rama
  • C. Baal Veer
  • D. Madhubala

Q10: When A K Hangal died

  • A. 26 aug 2012
  • B. 23 dec 2011
  • C. 24 jan 2010
  • D. 23 apr 2010

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