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Take this quiz and see how well you know about Aaron Ramsey??

Take this quiz and see how well you know about Aaron Ramsey?

Aaron Ramse is attacking mild-fielder of Arsenal and the Wales national team. He mainly plays as a box-to-box midfielder. But he also plays as winger. He played for Cardiff City as schoolboy player.

   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

   Posted On : 14-Apr-2019

Q1: What is the middle name of Aaron Ramse?

  • A. Jimmy
  • B. James
  • C. Sunny
  • D. Sandy

Q2: When he was born?

  • A. 15 December 1990
  • B. 26 December 1990
  • C. 27 December 1990
  • D. 29 December 1990

Q3: In which position does he play in the field?

  • A. Attacking Mid-fielder
  • B. Goal-keeper
  • C. Left back
  • D. Stricker

Q4: What is his jersey number?

  • A. 8
  • B. 10
  • C. 12
  • D. 14

Q5: From which club did he begin his career?

  • A. Arsenal
  • B. Cardiff City
  • C. Man City
  • D. Barcelona

Q6: In which year did he join Arsenal ?

  • A. 2008
  • B. 2009
  • C. 2010
  • D. 2011

Q7: How many goals did he assist for Arsenal?

  • A. 234
  • B. 255
  • C. 260
  • D. 268

Q8: In 11th February 2019, did he sign for which team and it will officially take effect on 1 July 2019?

  • A. Real Madrid
  • B. Barcelona
  • C. Juventus
  • D. Man City

Q9: Against which team did he made for debut for Arsenal?

  • A. Juventus
  • B. FC Twente
  • C. Man City
  • D. Man Uni

Q10: Against which goal-keeper did he score his first goal in league for Arsenal?

  • A. David James
  • B. Gianluigi Buffon
  • C. Iker Casillas
  • D. Peter Schmeichel

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