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How well do you know about AB de Villiers?

How well do you know about AB de Villiers

Noted as one of the most innovative batsmen in the modern game, de Villiers is famous for many unorthodox shots,take this quiz and check how big fan are you of him.

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 05-Jul-2018

Q1: By what other names de Villiers is known as

  • A. Mister 360
  • B. ABD
  • C. Mister 180
  • D. Both I and II

Q2: Against which country did AB de Villers make his Test debut in 2004

  • A. England
  • B. Zimbabwe
  • C. West Indies
  • D. Australia

Q3: In how many balls AB de Villiers scored his fastest ODI century?

  • A. 33
  • B. 31
  • C. 32
  • D. 29

Q4: What does AB stands for in AB de Villiers?

  • A. Adam Bechkham
  • B. Austin Bejamin
  • C. Abraham Benjamin
  • D. Andrew Benjamin

Q5: When did AB de Villiers became the Captain of South African ODI team

  • A. 2012
  • B. 2010
  • C. 2013
  • D. 2011

Q6: For which IPL team he made his debut

  • A. RCB
  • B. MI
  • C. DD
  • D. KXIP

Q7: Where did AB propose to his wife Danielle

  • A. Eiffel Tower
  • B. Taj Mahal
  • C. Lord's
  • D. Great wall of China

Q8: On which day AB de Villiers announced his retirement from all forms of cricket

  • A. 23 May 2018
  • B. 17 March 2018
  • C. 25 February 2018
  • D. 10 April 2018

Q9: What is his Pop Album name

  • A. Ampie Var Jou
  • B. Maak Jou Drome Waar
  • C. Vaar Jazz Timao
  • D. Pip Musik Sand

Q10: What is the highest individual score made by AB de Villiers in ODI

  • A. 198
  • B. 201
  • C. 176
  • D. 211

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