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How much you know about Abraham Lincoln, take this quiz?

How much you know about Abraham Lincoln, take this quiz

How much you know about Abraham Lincoln, take this quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 02-Jul-2018

Q1: Where Lincoln said,"I'm the big buck of this lick.If any of you want to try it come on and whet your horns"?

  • A. Boxing Ring
  • B. Press Conference
  • C. White House
  • D. Pentagon

Q2: Where was Abraham Lincoln assasinated?

  • A. Riley Center
  • B. Fox Theatre
  • C. Thilian Hall
  • D. Ford's Theatre

Q3: Who assasinated Abraham Lincoln?

  • A. John Wilkes Booth
  • B. Lee Harvey Oswald
  • C. James Earl Ray
  • D. Gavrilo Princip

Q4: Where was Lincoln born?

  • A. Illionos
  • B. Kentucky
  • C. Seattle
  • D. Detroit

Q5: Abraham Lincoln has a patent for which invention?

  • A. A Tool for cutting trees
  • B. A pocket-watch
  • C. A device that freed boats stuck on sandbars
  • D. A tool to speedup cutting corns

Q6: How many times have Lincoln debated Stephen A.Dougless before losing a U.S. senate seat in 1858?

  • A. Seven
  • B. One
  • C. Three
  • D. Five

Q7: How long was Lincoln's Gettysburg Address?

  • A. Two minutes
  • B. Fifteen minutes
  • C. Twenty Minutes
  • D. Five minutes

Q8: Before his assasination Lincoln signed Legislation creating which agency?

  • A. FBI
  • B. CIA
  • C. Secret Service
  • D. SWAT

Q9: Which play was Lincoln watching when he was shot?

  • A. Macbeth
  • B. Othello
  • C. Our American Cousins
  • D. Hamlet

Q10: Who was defeated by Lincoln to get him re-elected as president?

  • A. George B.McClellan
  • B. Garret Hobart
  • C. Adlai Stevenson
  • D. John C. Fremont

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