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Only a Agriculture graduate can answer all these questions right?

Only a Agriculture graduate can answer all these questions right

Only a Agriculture graduate can answer all this questions right

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 18-Feb-2018

Q1: Which crop requires water loggin for its cultivation?

  • A. Rice
  • B. Wheat
  • C. Groundnut
  • D. Tea

Q2: Which crop is sown in the largest area in India?

  • A. Wheat
  • B. Groundnut
  • C. Rice
  • D. Sugarcane

Q3: Which of the following states is the largest producer of coffee in India?

  • A. Karnataka
  • B. Goa
  • C. Telangana
  • D. Kerala

Q4: The soil formed by silt deposited by rivers is

  • A. Black soil
  • B. Saline soil
  • C. Alluvial soil
  • D. Laterite soil

Q5: Which of the following plants are useful for biological fixation of nitrogen

  • A. Coffee
  • B. Sugarcane
  • C. Rice
  • D. Legumes

Q6: The type of farming in which most of the yield is consumed by the family is

  • A. Intensive farming
  • B. Subsistence farming
  • C. Jhum cultivation
  • D. Extensive farming

Q7: Which of the following is the largest producer of rubber in the world?

  • A. Indonesia
  • B. Malaysia
  • C. Brazil
  • D. Thailand

Q8: Breeding of silkworms is known as

  • A. Apiculture
  • B. Sericulture
  • C. Aviculture
  • D. Pisciculture

Q9: Basin irrigation is commonly used in the cultivation of

  • A. Rice
  • B. Sunflower
  • C. Spinach
  • D. Cabbage

Q10: The largest producer of chilli in India is

  • A. Tamil Nadu
  • B. Maharashtra
  • C. Andhra Pradesh
  • D. Gujarat

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