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Check out your superlative knowledge regarding animal?

Check out your superlative knowledge regarding animal

Check out your superlative knowledge regarding animal

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 11-May-2018

Q1: Which is the Smallest bird?

  • A. Sparrow
  • B. Kittiwake
  • C. Kiwi
  • D. Hummingbird

Q2: Which is the Fastest marine animal?

  • A. Shark
  • B. Killer Whale
  • C. Squid
  • D. Sperm Whale

Q3: Which is the Largest land animal?

  • A. Elephant
  • B. Giraffe
  • C. Hippopotamus
  • D. Rhinoceros

Q4: Which is the Fastest land animal?

  • A. Cheetah
  • B. Antelope
  • C. Hare
  • D. Gazelle

Q5: Which Bird has the largest egg?

  • A. Ostrich
  • B. Albatross
  • C. Mute Swan
  • D. Geese

Q6: Which is the Fastest flying bird?

  • A. Peregrine Falcon
  • B. Seagull
  • C. Eagle
  • D. Kite

Q7: Which is the Largest mammal?

  • A. Blue Whale
  • B. Hippopotamus
  • C. Elephant
  • D. Rhinoceros

Q8: Which is the Longest snake?

  • A. Viper
  • B. Reticulated Python
  • C. King Cobra
  • D. Anaconda

Q9: Which is the Largest carnivore on land?

  • A. Tiger
  • B. Polar Bear
  • C. Lion
  • D. Leopard

Q10: Which is the tallest land animal?

  • A. Polar bear
  • B. Elephant
  • C. Rhinoceros
  • D. Giraffe

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