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Take this quiz on Arvind Kejriwal and check how much you know about him?

Take this quiz on Arvind Kejriwal and check how much you know about him

Bureaucrat to Chief Minister,Arvind Kejriwal jumped up to politics to reform the nation with his ideas,want to know more about him then enter this quiz to check.

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 11-Jul-2018

Q1: Arvind Kejriwal is the ____ CM of Delhi

  • A. 7th
  • B. 6th
  • C. 8th
  • D. 5th

Q2: Kejriwal previously also served as CM of Delhi but stepped down after how many days

  • A. 48
  • B. 49
  • C. 46
  • D. 45

Q3: Which service was Kejriwal into before joining politics

  • A. IFS
  • B. IAS
  • C. IRS
  • D. IES

Q4: In which year did Kejriwal launched the Aam Aadmi Party

  • A. 2014
  • B. 2013
  • C. 2011
  • D. 2012

Q5: Kejriwal graduated from which institute

  • A. IIT Kharagpur
  • B. IIT Delhi
  • C. IIT Madras
  • D. IIT Kanpur

Q6: Kejriwal along with Manish Sisodia founded NGO organisation,What was its name

  • A. Charak
  • B. Kabir
  • C. Parivartan
  • D. Both II and III

Q7: With which award Arvind Kejiriwal was awarded with for his emergent leadership

  • A. Jnanpith Award
  • B. Booker Prize
  • C. Ramon Magsaysay Award
  • D. Pulitzer Prize

Q8: To whom did Kejriwal defeated for the first time in 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly Election

  • A. Sahib Singh Verma
  • B. Sushma Swaraj
  • C. Sheila Dikshit
  • D. Madan Lal Khurana

Q9: What is the name of the documentary that was featured on the Political journey of Arvind Kejriwal

  • A. An Ordinary Man
  • B. An Insignificant Man
  • C. An Admirable Man
  • D. The Aam Aadmi

Q10: What is name of Kejriwal's wife

  • A. Sunita
  • B. Sarita
  • C. Samita
  • D. Sasmita

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