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Lets see how much well you know about Bhuban Bam?

Lets see how much well you know about Bhuban Bam

Bhuvan Bam who ha huge fan follower among the youth, is an Indian comedian and YouTube personality from New Delhi, India. He is popular for his brilliant sense of humour.

   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

   Posted On : 05-Feb-2019

Q1: Who is first youtuber to reach 10 million subscriber in 2018

  • A. Ashish Chanchlani
  • B. Carryminati
  • C. Bhuban Bam
  • D. Gaurav Chowdhary

Q2: What is the name of his vines?

  • A. BB Ki Vines
  • B. So Iffin Cray
  • C. Aashqeen
  • D. Nazar Battu Production

Q3: Which team of EPL invited Bhuban Bam to watch a match?

  • A. Manchester United
  • B. Liverpool
  • C.
  • D. Arsenal

Q4: In which year he created his own channel?

  • A. 2014
  • B. 2015
  • C. 2016
  • D. 2018

Q5: As of 2019 how many subscriber he has?

  • A. 10 million
  • B. 12 million
  • C. 13 million
  • D. 14 million

Q6: Which award he won at the WebTVAsia Awards 2016

  • A. Most popular Drama on youtube
  • B. Most popular online Mircofilm
  • C. Most popular Channel on youtube
  • D. Most popular video

Q7: Which english daily newspaper felicitated BB?

  • A. Times of India
  • B. Hindustan Times
  • C. The Telegraph
  • D. The Indian Express

Q8: What was Bhuban Bam first song to release on 2014

  • A. Pass Hoon
  • B. Teri Meri kahani
  • C. Sang Hoon Tere
  • D. Rehguzar

Q9: Who Mrs.Varma in BB ki Vines?

  • A. BB's mother
  • B. BB's Aunty
  • C. BB's Girlfriend
  • D. Neighbour of Bhuvan .

Q10: In which production he is working on?

  • A. TVF
  • B. AIB
  • C. BYN
  • D. Funk You

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