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How well you know about The Big Bang Theory season 1? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about The Big Bang Theory season 1? Take this quiz to know

The Big Bang Theory is a American television sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 21-Mar-2020

Q1: What is the name of the girl Raj's parents try to set him up with

  • A. Pushpa
  • B. Anjali
  • C. Lalita
  • D. Jayanti

Q2: What is Leonard's Last name

  • A. Cooper
  • B. Cuoco
  • C. Wolowitz
  • D. Hofstadter

Q3: What do the guys go to get from Penny's ex

  • A. Phone
  • B. TV
  • C. Computer
  • D. Couch

Q4: Who does Leonard first date in the series

  • A. Leslie
  • B. Penny
  • C. Amy
  • D. Missy

Q5: Which musical does Penny star in

  • A. Cats
  • B. Hamilton
  • C. Rent
  • D. The Producers

Q6: Which musical instrument does Leonard play

  • A. Cello
  • B. Guitar
  • C. Violin
  • D. Flute

Q7: Where does Penny work

  • A. The Cheesecake Factory
  • B. Pizza Hut
  • C. Burger King
  • D. Bob's Big Boy

Q8: What type of Laser does Leslie use to heat up her Noodles

  • A. Gas Laser
  • B. Oxygin Iodine
  • C. Semiconductor Laser
  • D. Carbon Dioxide Laser

Q9: What helps Raj to talk to girls

  • A. Self Confidence
  • B. Medicines
  • C. Alcohol
  • D. Food

Q10: What is the name of Sheldon's fictional cousin

  • A. Rob
  • B. Harry
  • C. John
  • D. Leo

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