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How strong are you in Biology,Take this quiz and check?

How strong are you in Biology,Take this quiz and check

How strong are you in Biology,Take this quiz and check

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 23-May-2018

Q1: What is the type of fat that is stored in the abdominal region

  • A. Visceral fat
  • B. Central fat
  • C. Gynoid fat
  • D. Subcutaneous fat

Q2: Name the vitamin that helps bone health by regulating calcicum and phosphorus

  • A. Vitamin K
  • B. Choline
  • C. Vitamin E
  • D. Vitamin D

Q3: What is the role of Vitamin K

  • A. The metabolism of energy nutrients
  • B. Blood clotting
  • C. red blood cell divison
  • D. The synthesis of collagen

Q4: What are the common minerals that are found in sports drinks

  • A. Zinc and chloride
  • B. sodium and potassium
  • C. iron and magnesium
  • D. vitamin c and potassium

Q5: What is the role of calcium in the body

  • A. Blood clotting
  • B. Muscle contraction
  • C. Hormone activity
  • D. All of the above

Q6: Before several hours exercise what kind of food should be generally avoided

  • A. high protien food
  • B. high carbohydrate food
  • C. high fat food
  • D. high water food

Q7: What is the main nutrient that is needed to promote muscle growth and recovery

  • A. fat
  • B. protien
  • C. carbohydrate
  • D. vitamins

Q8: Glycogen is stored in which part of body

  • A. liver and pancreas
  • B. gallbladder and appendix
  • C. brain and stomach
  • D. liver and muscles

Q9: Any excess glucose is stored in the form of

  • A. Protien
  • B. fat
  • C. insulin
  • D. starch

Q10: Which among the following nutrients contribute most of the energy needed for physical activity

  • A. fat and carbohydrate
  • B. protien and fat
  • C. vitamin and carbohydrate
  • D. vitamin and protien

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