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How well do you know about Bismillah Khan?

How well do you know about Bismillah Khan, take this quiz

How well do you know about Bismillah Khan, take this quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 21-Mar-2018

Q1: Ustad Bismillah khan was born in which year

  • A. 1914
  • B. 1915
  • C. 1916
  • D. 1917

Q2: What was his birth name

  • A. Qamaruddin Khan
  • B. Maruddin Khan
  • C. Jalal-ud-in Khan
  • D. None of these

Q3: Which highest civilian award he was honoured in 2001

  • A. Padma Bhusan
  • B. Padma Vibhushan
  • C. Bharat Ratna
  • D. Padma Shri

Q4: What does his father plays

  • A. Shehnai
  • B. Violin
  • C. Sitar
  • D. Flute

Q5: In which state he was born

  • A. Madhya pradesh
  • B. Himachal Pradesh
  • C. Bihar
  • D. Andhra Pradesh

Q6: On the eve of india's first republic ceremony which raag did he played

  • A. Raag Kedar
  • B. Raag Yaman
  • C. Raag Bhairavi
  • D. Raag Kafi

Q7: What was his last wish that was not fulfilled

  • A. To perform at redfort
  • B. To perform at India gate
  • C. To perform at Tajmahal
  • D. None of these

Q8: In which year he died

  • A. 2004
  • B. 2005
  • C. 2006
  • D. 2007

Q9: At what age did he died

  • A. 90
  • B. 93
  • C. 87
  • D. 95

Q10: What was the reason of his death

  • A. Cardiac arrest
  • B. Brain Stroke
  • C. Transient Ischemic Attack
  • D. Brain Hemorrhagic

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