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Take this quiz to check how much you know about Bitcoin?

Take this quiz to check how much you know about Bitcoin

Take this quiz to check how much you know about Bitcoin

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 02-Apr-2018

Q1: Bitcoin is built on which technology

  • A. Javascript
  • B. Telepathy
  • C. Blockchain
  • D. Volkswagon

Q2: Bitcoin software was first released on

  • A. 2009
  • B. 2001
  • C. 2012
  • D. 2002

Q3: Which bank first accept Bitcoin for charitable donations

  • A. HSBC
  • B. Barclays
  • C. The Bitcoin Bank
  • D. Royal bank of Scotland

Q4: How does Bitcoin protocol work

  • A. It is owned by Bitcoin Foundation
  • B. It is De-centralised
  • C. It is centralised
  • D. Skynet

Q5: Which of the below are accepted Bitcoin tickers

  • A. BTC or BIT
  • B. BCN or LTC
  • C. BTC or XBT
  • D. BIT or XBT

Q6: What is Blockchain

  • A. A set of transactions
  • B. Set of Blocks containing transactions
  • C. Bitcoin software protocol
  • D. A centralised Database

Q7: What is a Bitcoin Block

  • A. Main community behind Bitcoin
  • B. Bitcoin transaction
  • C. Set of Bitcoin Transactions
  • D. Virtual brick used in Minecraft

Q8: What is BIPS

  • A. Bitcoin Initial Protocol setting
  • B. Bitcoin Image Police
  • C. Bitcoin Improvement proposal
  • D. None of these

Q9: What is the maximum number of block reward reductions in Bitcoin Protocol

  • A. 33
  • B. 10
  • C. 128
  • D. 32

Q10: For Mining Pool, what is the payment distribution method

  • A. Pay per last n Shares
  • B. Triple Geometric Method
  • C. Fibonacci Selection
  • D. Estimated moving Average

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