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Can you score 8/10 in this Bob Marley quiz?

Can you score 8/10 in this Bob Marley quiz

Can you score 8/10 in this Bob Marley quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 20-Jun-2018

Q1: In which year Bob Marley was born

  • A. 1945
  • B. 1940
  • C. 1939
  • D. 1950

Q2: Which among the following football team was Bob Marley's favourite

  • A. Paysandu FC
  • B. Santos FC
  • C. Fluminese FC
  • D. Corinthians FC

Q3: What was the name of his first studio album

  • A. Soul Rebels
  • B. Soul Revolution
  • C. The Wailing Wailers
  • D. Catch a Fire

Q4: What was Marley's wife name

  • A. Janice Marley
  • B. Cedella Marley
  • C. Karen Marley
  • D. Rita Marley

Q5: In which year Marley was given The Grammy Life Time Achievement Award

  • A. 1998
  • B. 1999
  • C. 2001
  • D. 2000

Q6: What was the last Bob Marley album released

  • A. Confrontation
  • B. Uprising
  • C. Survival
  • D. Kaya

Q7: Where did Marley died

  • A. Jamaica
  • B. Florida
  • C. New York
  • D. London

Q8: What was Bob Marley's Full name

  • A. Robert Nesta Marley
  • B. Robert Ziggy Marley
  • C. Bob Nesta Marley
  • D. Robert Judas Marley

Q9: Which album of Marley spent 56 consecutive weeks in the UK album chart

  • A. Rastaman Vibration
  • B. Survival
  • C. Exodus
  • D. Burnin'

Q10: What was the cause of his death

  • A. Malaria
  • B. Skin Cancer
  • C. Lung Cancer
  • D. Jaundice

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