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Answer these 10 quiz questions on Channing Tatum ?

Answer these 10 quiz questions on Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is a American actor and singer, he is also good in dancing. He gained a lots of popularity with the course of time

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 17-Mar-2019

Q1: Which year he was born

  • A. 1989
  • B. 1987
  • C. 1980
  • D. 1982

Q2: What is his middle name

  • A. John
  • B. Jacob
  • C. Matthew
  • D. Jonas

Q3: Which was his debut movie

  • A. Havoc
  • B. Coach Carter
  • C. Step Up
  • D. Fighting

Q4: She was in which of these short film

  • A. Picnic
  • B. Needle
  • C. The Trap
  • D. Fireworks

Q5: With whom she got married and then later divorced

  • A. Jenna Dewan
  • B. Emma Stone
  • C. Kate Winslet
  • D. Cate Blanchett

Q6: Who was his co star in the movie The Vow

  • A. Jonah Hill
  • B. Amanda Seyfried
  • C. Emma Stone
  • D. Rachel Mcadams

Q7: He won Teen Choice Award for which movie

  • A. The Vow
  • B. Dear John
  • C. The Eagle
  • D. 21 Jump Street

Q8: He was in which of these Ricky Martin music video

  • A. Loaded
  • B. Amor
  • C. She Bangs
  • D. The Touch

Q9: He was an executive producer of which web television series

  • A. The Order
  • B. Step Up High Water
  • C. The Widow
  • D. True Detective

Q10: She gave voice over in which animated series

  • A. Family Guy
  • B. South Park
  • C. Arthur
  • D. The Simpsons

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