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How well do you know about the Chipko movement?

How well do you know about the Chipko movement

How well do you know about the Chipko movement

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 26-Mar-2018

Q1: To what thing chipko movement is related

  • A. Forest Conservation
  • B. Soil conservation
  • C. Wetland conservation
  • D. Water conservation

Q2: This movement was done for the protection of

  • A. Grass lands
  • B. Wet lands
  • C. Live stocks
  • D. Forests

Q3: The term used for conservation of species in ts natural habitat

  • A. In-virto
  • B. In-situ
  • C. Ex-situ
  • D. Both a and c

Q4: Under whom the movement got strengthend

  • A. Sunder Lal Bahuguna
  • B. Amrita Devi Bishnoi
  • C. Medha Patkar
  • D. A.k.Banerjee

Q5: Deforestation will decrease

  • A. Land Slides
  • B. Rainfall
  • C. Soil fertility
  • D. Soil Erosion

Q6: What is the term used for development of Botanical garden

  • A. Common
  • B. An easy
  • C. In-situ
  • D. Ex-situ

Q7: Where is Ex-situ conservation carried out

  • A. National Park
  • B. Zoo
  • C. Biosphere reserve
  • D. Sanctuary

Q8: Excessive planting of trees is termed as

  • A. Agroforestry
  • B. Social forestry
  • C. Deforestation
  • D. Afforestation

Q9: What is the percentage of fresh water present on the earth

  • A. 97.5
  • B. 2.5
  • C. 1.8
  • D. 0.1

Q10: What is the main reason for deforestation

  • A. Construction of roads
  • B. Rainfall
  • C. Silviculture
  • D. Plantation of trees

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