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Take this quiz on Chris Evans?

Take this quiz on Chris Evans

Christopher Robert Evans began his acting career in performing in school productions and community theatre. And then after few struggles he became a star with his choice of movies and praised by all for his acting

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 25-Feb-2019

Q1: When he was born

  • A. 13 jun 1981
  • B. 14 feb 1980
  • C. 15 jan 1987
  • D. 16 feb 1990

Q2: What is his middle name

  • A. Josh
  • B. John
  • C. Joe
  • D. Robert

Q3: Which was his first short film

  • A. Biodiversity Wild About Life
  • B. Dear Diary
  • C. Come Swim
  • D. Clockwork

Q4: Which was his first television series

  • A. Skin
  • B. Robot Chicken
  • C. Opposite Sex
  • D. Boston Public

Q5: He directed which of these movie

  • A. The Iceman
  • B. The Losers
  • C. Street Kings
  • D. Before We Go

Q6: What was her character name in the movie Avengers

  • A. Tony Stark
  • B. Thor
  • C. Bruce Banner
  • D. Steve Rogers

Q7: He gave voice role to which character in Battle Of Terra

  • A. General Hemmer
  • B. Roven
  • C. Doron
  • D. Stewart Stanton

Q8: He was in which of these theatrical play

  • A. Torch Song
  • B. Lobby Hero
  • C. Next Fall
  • D. Rock Of Ages

Q9: Who directed Chris starring movie Playing It Cool

  • A. Justin Reardon
  • B. Marc Webb
  • C. Rian Johnson
  • D. David Yates

Q10: Who was his co star in the movie London

  • A. Emma Stone
  • B. Regina King
  • C. Lady Gaga
  • D. Jessica Biel

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