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Answer this quiz questions on Christopher Walken and see how much you know about him?

Answer this quiz questions on Christopher Walken and see how much you know about him

Christopher Walken is an American actor who was known for intense, eccentric performances in a wide variety of roles that won him enduring popularity and critical respect. He has received numerous accolades for his work.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 22-Aug-2019

Q1: When Christopher Walken was born

  • A. 3 may 1944
  • B. 24 aug 1945
  • C. 31 mar 1943
  • D. 7 nov 1947

Q2: What is his real name

  • A. Ronald Walken
  • B. John Walken
  • C. Joseph Walken
  • D. Harry Walken

Q3: What is his Alma Mater

  • A. Harvard University
  • B. Queens College
  • C. Purchase College
  • D. Hofstra University

Q4: With which movie he made his feature film debut

  • A. Annie Hall
  • B. Roseland
  • C. The Anderson Tapes
  • D. Deadline

Q5: For which film he won the Academy Award

  • A. The Deer Hunter
  • B. Catch Me If You Can
  • C. Gigli
  • D. Envy

Q6: Which character was viced by him in the movie The Lion King

  • A. Baloo
  • B. Bagheera
  • C. King Louie
  • D. Kaa

Q7: Which movie was directed movie

  • A. Joe Dirt
  • B. Sleepy Hollow
  • C. Nick Of Time
  • D. Popcorn Shrimp

Q8: Which American casting director is he married to

  • A. Ellen Lewis
  • B. Georgianne Thon
  • C. Allison Jones
  • D. Mindy Marin

Q9: Who was the director of Christopher Walken starring movie Fade To Black

  • A. Nigel Cole
  • B. Tony Scott
  • C. Oliver Parker
  • D. Fred Wolf

Q10: For which movie he won the BAFTA Award

  • A. Catch Me If You Can
  • B. Man On Fire
  • C. Domino
  • D. Click

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