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Take this quiz on Chunky Pandey?

Take this quiz on Chunky Pandey

Chunky Pandey was born on Mumbai in a non film household. He came into fame by doing supporting and comedy roles.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 20-Mar-2019

Q1: When is his birthday

  • A. 26 sept 1962
  • B. 23 feb 1980
  • C. 2 feb 1989
  • D. 24 feb 1963

Q2: What is his real name

  • A. Suresh Pandey
  • B. Suraj Pandey
  • C. Suyash Pandey
  • D. Rajiv Pandey

Q3: Other than hindi films he did which language movies

  • A. Tamil
  • B. Telugu
  • C. Bangladeshi
  • D. Marathi

Q4: What is his daughter's name who is going to do a bollywood debut soon

  • A. Ananya Pandey
  • B. Aneesha Pandey
  • C. Rani Pandey
  • D. Tara Pandey

Q5: Which is his debut movie

  • A. Aag Hi Aag
  • B. Agnee
  • C. Ustad
  • D. Zakham

Q6: What is his character name in the Housefull Series

  • A. Sunny
  • B. Aakhri Pasta
  • C. Max
  • D. Jolly

Q7: He was nominated for Filmfare Award for which movie

  • A. Tezaab
  • B. Click
  • C. De Dana Dan
  • D. I See You

Q8: In which movie he did a dual role

  • A. Daddy Cool
  • B. Sankat City
  • C. Ready
  • D. Rascals

Q9: Who directed Chunky starring movie Darwaaza Bandh Rakho

  • A. Sajid Khan
  • B. Farah Khan
  • C. Ram Gopal Verma
  • D. Imtiaz Ali

Q10: Who was his co star in the movie Kaun Rokega Mujhe

  • A. Nagma
  • B. Hema Malini
  • C. Shilpa Shetty
  • D. Soha Ali Khan

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