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How well you know Colin Firth? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know Colin Firth? Take this quiz to know

Colin Firth is a multi award winning british actor who is known for her roles in different films and drama.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 28-Mar-2019

Q1: When is his birthday

  • A. 10 sept 1960
  • B. 12 jan 1962
  • C. 12 jan 1961
  • D. 15 dec 1962

Q2: What is his middle name

  • A. James
  • B. Martin
  • C. Andrew
  • D. Jonas

Q3: He portrayed a role in which Shakespeare play

  • A. Hamlet
  • B. Romeo And Juliet
  • C. As You Like It
  • D. The Tempest

Q4: He was in which of this television adaptation

  • A. Masterpiece
  • B. War And Peace
  • C. Pride And Prejudice
  • D. Wallander

Q5: He won the Academy Award for which movie

  • A. The King's Speech
  • B. Playmaker
  • C. Loving
  • D. My Life So Far

Q6: He was in which movie of Hugh Hudson

  • A. Revolution
  • B. Fangio
  • C. Lost Angels
  • D. My Life So Far

Q7: Who was his co star in the movie

  • A. Amber Tamblyn
  • B. Ben Barnes
  • C. Emilia Fox
  • D. Ben Chaplin

Q8: He gave voice to which character in The Christmas Carol

  • A. Bob Cratchit
  • B. Jacob Marley
  • C. Fred
  • D. Portly Gentlemen

Q9: He was the producer of which movie

  • A. The Mercy
  • B. Genius
  • C. Loving
  • D. Gambit

Q10: He got nominated for Golden Globe Award for which movie

  • A. A Single Man
  • B. Conspiracy
  • C. Love Actually
  • D. Hope Springs

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