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Only a computer genius can score full in this quiz?

Only a computer genius can score full in this quiz

Only a computer genius can score full in this quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 28-Mar-2018

Q1: What is a MAC?

  • A. Memory Address Corruption
  • B. A Computer made by Apple
  • C. Media Access Control
  • D. Mediocre Apple Computer

Q2: What does ICMP stand for?

  • A. Internet Connection Modem Protocol
  • B. Intranet Control Message Program
  • C. Internal Conflict Management Program
  • D. Internet Control Message Protocol

Q3: A computer virus that actively attacks an anti-virus program or programs in an effort to prevent detection is...

  • A. Retrovirus
  • B. Ghost virus
  • C. Trojan
  • D. Worm

Q4: What is a NIC?

  • A. No Internet Connection
  • B. Network Interference Control
  • C. Netware Intranet Controller
  • D. Network Interface Card

Q5: What does ECP stand for?

  • A. Extended Capabilities Port
  • B. Extended Connection Port
  • C. Extra Compatible Part
  • D. External Cordless Peripheral

Q6: What is a GPU?

  • A. Graphical Portable Unit
  • B. Graphical Performance Utility
  • C. Grouped Processing Unit
  • D. Graphics Processing Unit

Q7: In 1983, which person was the first to offer a definition of the term 'computer virus'?

  • A. Cohen
  • B. Norton
  • C. McAfee
  • D. Smith

Q8: A program that neither replicates or copies itself, but does damage or compromises the security of the computer. Which 'Computer Virus' it is?

  • A. Trojan
  • B. Joke Program
  • C. Hoax
  • D. Worm

Q9: What does PPTP stand for?

  • A. Point to Point Transmission Protocol
  • B. Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
  • C. Point to Point Traffic Protocol
  • D. Point to Point Transfer Protocol

Q10: What is FMD?

  • A. Fluorescent Multi-Layer Disc
  • B. Flashing Media Diode
  • C. Flash Media Driver
  • D. FastEthernet Measuring Device

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