Everybody knows about 'Alexander The Great',Take this quiz on him and check how much you can score.?

Take this quiz on Alexander The Great

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Q1: Who of the following philosophers taught Alexander?

  • A. Aristotle
  • B. Plato
  • C. Socrates
  • D. Heraclitus

Q2: What was Bucephalus?

  • A. Alexander's cat
  • B. Alexander's dog
  • C. Alexander's horse
  • D. Alexander's parrot

Q3: How old was Alexander when he became king?

  • A. 10 years
  • B. 15 years
  • C. 20 years
  • D. 40 years

Q4: Whose house was spared by Alexander when he destroyed Thebes?

  • A. Archimedes
  • B. Homer
  • C. Pindar
  • D. Euclid

Q5: Which knot was cut by Alexander?

  • A. Celtic Knot
  • B. Constrictor Knot
  • C. Gordian Knot
  • D. Sailing Knot

Q6: Which city was captured after seven month siege?

  • A. Athens
  • B. Sidon
  • C. Jerusalem
  • D. Tyre

Q7: Where did Alexander defeat Darius III for the third time?

  • A. Cairo
  • B. Antioch
  • C. Gaugamela
  • D. Luxor

Q8: Who was killed by Alexander in a drunken brawl?

  • A. Antigonus
  • B. Seleucus
  • C. Cleitus
  • D. Philotas

Q9: Who of the following kings sided with Alexander against Porus?

  • A. Chandhragupta Maurya
  • B. Dhanananda
  • C. Bimbasara
  • D. Ambhi

Q10: Why Alexander's son Alexander IV did not succeed him?

  • A. He died before Alexander?s death.
  • B. He did not want to become king.
  • C. He was disinherited.
  • D. He was born after Alexander's death.