Take this quiz about Bhimrao Ambedkar and check how much you know about him?

Take this quiz about Bhimrao Ambedkar and check how much you know about him

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Q1: Where was Bhimrao Ambedkar born?

  • A. Mhow
  • B. Bhopal
  • C. Solapur
  • D. Surat

Q2: What was B. R. Ambedkar's full name?

  • A. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
  • B. Bhimji Rao Ambedkar
  • C. Babasaheb Ramjirao Ambedkar
  • D. Baba Ram Ambedkar

Q3: Which service did Bhimrao Ambedkar join?

  • A. Indian Civil Service
  • B. Baroda Public Service
  • C. Indian Foreign Service
  • D. Punjab Public Service

Q4: What was the name of Ambedkar's newspaper?

  • A. Mookanayaka
  • B. NavJeevan
  • C. Loksatta
  • D. Herald

Q5: Which portfolio was handled by Dr. Ambedkar in an independent India?

  • A. Home Ministry
  • B. Finance Ministry
  • C. Law Ministry
  • D. Education Ministry

Q6: Which decision of Gandhiji was opposed by Ambedkar?

  • A. Partitioning India
  • B. Calling the lower castes 'Harijans'
  • C. Satyagraha movement
  • D. Quit India movement

Q7: Which religion did Bhimrao Ambedkar embrace in 1956?

  • A. Buddhism
  • B. Islam
  • C. Jainism
  • D. Zoroastrianism

Q8: Which party did Ambedkar found during the pre-Independent Era?

  • A. Scheduled Castes Federation
  • B. Congress
  • C. Bahujan Samaj Party
  • D. Independent Labor Party

Q9: Who provided scholarship to Dr. Ambedkar for his post-graduate education in New York at the Columbia University?

  • A. Maharja of Kolhapur
  • B. Nizam of Hyderabad
  • C. Travancore Maharaja
  • D. Maharaja of Baroda

Q10: Which text was ceremonially burnt by Ambedkar and his followers?

  • A. Rigveda
  • B. Manusmriti
  • C. Mahabharata
  • D. Natyashastra