How well you know about Amy Adams? Take this quiz to know?

Amy Adams started her career as a dancer at different no of theatres and then she started acting in television and films. She has done both comedic and dramatic roles and became a established actress.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: When she was born

  • A. 3o jan 1972
  • B. 20 aug 1974
  • C. 22 feb 1977
  • D. 21 dec 1974

Q2: What is her middle name

  • A. Janice
  • B. Monica
  • C. Lou
  • D. Lisa

Q3: With which movie she made her acting debut

  • A. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • B. Serving Sera
  • C. Pumpkin
  • D. The Last Run

Q4: Who was her co star in Catch Me If You Can

  • A. Tom Hanks
  • B. Tom Cruise
  • C. Colin Hanks
  • D. Zack Braff

Q5: With whom she got married

  • A. Darren Le Gallo
  • B. Matthew Gode
  • C. Clint Eastwood
  • D. Harry Elfont

Q6: She gave voice to which character in the movie Underdog

  • A. Riff Raff
  • B. Attack
  • C. Kill
  • D. Polly Purebred

Q7: She was a part of which biographical drama

  • A. Vice
  • B. Game Change
  • C. The New Edition Story
  • D. Little Richard

Q8: She won Golden Globe Award for which movie

  • A. Doubt
  • B. Enchanted
  • C. The Master
  • D. Big Eyes

Q9: For which movie she was nominated for Academy Award

  • A. Enchanted
  • B. Big Eyes
  • C. The Master
  • D. Lullaby

Q10: She sang which song from the movie Enchanted

  • A. Happy working song
  • B. Andalasia
  • C. Into The Well
  • D. Storybook Ending