This quiz will let you know that how much are you fond of animals?

This quiz will let you know that how much are you fond of animals

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   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

Q1: Which among the following animal is famous in Assam's Kaziranga National park?

  • A. The one-horned rhinoceros
  • B. Lion
  • C. Giraffe
  • D. Zebra

Q2: Pashmina wool is obtained from which animal?

  • A. Ram
  • B. Black sheep
  • C. Deer
  • D. Himalayan goat

Q3: What is the gestation period of an African elephant?

  • A. Twenty one months
  • B. One year
  • C. Nine months
  • D. Six months

Q4: Name the bird whose eye is larger than its brain?

  • A. Eagle
  • B. Owl
  • C. Ostrich
  • D. Parrot

Q5: Which bird enters the crocodile's mouth to pick out parasites and food?

  • A. Sparrow
  • B. Kingfisher
  • C. Nile plover
  • D. Crow

Q6: The bird which lay world's smallest egg?

  • A. Woodpecker
  • B. Hornbill
  • C. Gulls
  • D. Bee Humming Bird

Q7: Name the animal that walks like camel?

  • A. Dog
  • B. Elephant
  • C. Giraffe
  • D. Cat

Q8: Which is the Tallest dog (breed)?

  • A. Greyhound
  • B. Great Dane
  • C. Dobberman
  • D. Dalmatian

Q9: What will be height of a grizzly bear after it stands on his hind legs?

  • A. 10 feet
  • B. 8 feet
  • C. 12 feet
  • D. 21 feet

Q10: Which dog breed is the heaviest among all?

  • A. English Mastiff or St. Bernard
  • B. German Shepherd
  • C. Irish Wolfhound
  • D. Bull Dog