How well you know about Atypical season 2? Take this quiz to know?

Atypical is an American comedy drama streaming television series created by Robia Rashid.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Who punches a hole in the wall

  • A. Doug
  • B. Casey
  • C. Evan
  • D. Nick

Q2: Who leaves her kitten to Elsa

  • A. Julia
  • B. Lisa
  • C. Kathy
  • D. Nick

Q3: In which college Paige got waitlisted

  • A. University Of Yale
  • B. University of Minnesota
  • C. Brown University
  • D. Bowdoin University

Q4: What did Sam wrote in his college application essay

  • A. About his sister
  • B. About his sister and her boyfriend
  • C. About autism and his friend Zahid
  • D. About her mother

Q5: Who smashed Sam's phone

  • A. Arlo
  • B. Betty
  • C. Beth
  • D. John

Q6: With whose family Sam was staying to practice the school's lock-in

  • A. Paige's family
  • B. Zahid's family
  • C. Evan's family
  • D. June's Family

Q7: Who were assigned for community service in the school

  • A. Sam and Paige
  • B. Arlo and Paige
  • C. Sam and Bailey
  • D. Casey and Paige

Q8: Which University was recommended by Ms. Whitaker for Sam

  • A. Harvard University
  • B. Stanford University
  • C. Denton University
  • D. Brown University

Q9: What did Sam gave to Casey for her birthday

  • A. a comic made by him
  • B. A story book
  • C. His Drawing Book
  • D. A necklace

Q10: Who gave the valedictorian speech in the school ceremony

  • A. Paige
  • B. Joana
  • C. Arlo
  • D. Sam