If you are an banking aspirant, then you can easily score at least 50% in this quiz?

If you are an banking aspirant, then you can easily score at least 50% in this quiz

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Q1: At which of the following cities is the Head Office of Reserve Bank of India located?

  • A. Mumbai
  • B. New Delhi
  • C. Dehradun
  • D. Kolkata

Q2: The reserves held by Commercial Banks over and above the statutory minimum, with the RBI are called

  • A. Cash reserves
  • B. Deposit reserves
  • C. Excess reserves
  • D. Momentary reserves

Q3: In which year was the Imperial Bank of India rechristened as State Bank of India?

  • A. 1955
  • B. 1957
  • C. 1962
  • D. 1965

Q4: Banking in India is controlled by :

  • A. Reserve Bank of India
  • B. Union Finance Commission
  • C. Union Ministry of Finance
  • D. Union Ministry of Commerce

Q5: The Imperial Bank of India, after its nationalization came to be known as

  • A. Reserve Bank of India
  • B. State Bank of India
  • C. United Bank of India
  • D. Indian Overseas Bank

Q6: Regional Rural Banks are sponsored by

  • A. Nationalised Commercial Bank
  • B. Reserve Bank of India
  • C. State Bank of India
  • D. Government of India

Q7: Which is the country's third largest private sector lender whose name has been officially changed to the Axis Bank ltd. ?

  • A. HDFC Bank
  • B. Lord Krishna Bank
  • C. Centurion Bank
  • D. UTI Bank

Q8: In which year was the Reserve Bank of India established ?

  • A. 1935
  • B. 1947
  • C. 1949
  • D. 1952

Q9: Expand the term LIBOR as used in financial banking sectors?

  • A. Local Indian Bank Offered Rate
  • B. London-India Bureau Of Regulations
  • C. Liberal International Bank Official Ratio
  • D. London Inter Bank Offered Rate

Q10: Which of the following is the apex institution which handles refinance for agriculture and rural development in India?

  • A. RBI
  • B. SIDBI
  • D. SEBI