Take this quiz on famous battles and check how much you can score?

Take this quiz on famous battles and check how much you can score

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Q1: Kalinga war was fought between

  • A. Ashoka and Kalinga
  • B. Karikala and Pandya
  • C. Chalukya and Jaysimha
  • D. Someshvara and Rajadhiraja Chola

Q2: In which year first battle of Tarain was held

  • A. 1192
  • B. 1191
  • C. 1193
  • D. 1194

Q3: Which treaty was signed after Battle of Buxar

  • A. Treaty of Carnatic
  • B. Treaty of Alinagar
  • C. Treaty of Allahabad
  • D. Treaty of Kanpur

Q4: Between whom is the First battle of Panipat fought

  • A. Babar & Ibrahim Lodi
  • B. Babur & Rana Sanga
  • C. Babur &Sultan Nusrat Shah
  • D. Babar & Sher Shah Suri

Q5: Battle of Haldighati is fought between

  • A. Nadir Shah & Mohd.Shah
  • B. Sher Shah Suri & Humayun
  • C. Akbar & Rana Pratap
  • D. Bairam Khan & Hemu

Q6: In which year Third Battle of Panipat was fought

  • A. 1760
  • B. 1761
  • C. 1762
  • D. 1764

Q7: Who defeated Siraj-ud Daula in the Battle of Palassey

  • A. Lord Dalhousie
  • B. Lord Wellesley
  • C. Lord Canning
  • D. Lord Clive

Q8: Name the battle where Tipu Sultan was defeated and died

  • A. First Anglo Mysore war
  • B. Second Anglo Mysore war
  • C. Third Anglo Mysore war
  • D. Fourth Anglo Mysore war

Q9: Nadir Shah defeated Mohd.Shah in which Battle

  • A. Battle of Talikota
  • B. Battle of Karnal
  • C. Battle of Ghagra
  • D. Battle of Chausa

Q10: Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun in which war

  • A. Battle of Chausa
  • B. Battle of Kannauj
  • C. Battle of Khanwa
  • D. Both I and II