Take this Bollywood movie quiz which is based on some famous people or incidents?

Take this Bollywood movie quiz which is based on some famous people or incidents

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   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

Q1: Name the personality on which the movie 'Bandit Queen' is based

  • A. Phoolan Devi
  • B. Samantha Lewthwaite
  • C. Santokben Sarmanbhai
  • D. Bonnie Parkar

Q2: On which topic is the movie 'Hey Ram' is based

  • A. Assassin of Rajiv Gandhi
  • B. Assassin of Mahatma Gandhi
  • C. Assassin of Pratap Singh
  • D. Assassin of Indira Gandhi

Q3: On which real fact is the movie 'Black friday' based on

  • A. Terrorist attack on Red Fort
  • B. J&K assembly car bombing
  • C. 1993 Bombay Bombings
  • D. 2001 Parliament attack

Q4: The movie 'Shootout at Lokhandwala' is based on which true incident

  • A. 1991 Lokhandwala Complex Shootout
  • B. 1991 Bandra Shootout
  • C. 1992 Lokhandwala Complex Shootout
  • D. 1992 Dongri shootout

Q5: On which riot is the movie 'Firaaq' based on

  • A. 1984 Bhiwandi riot
  • B. 2002 Gujarat riot
  • C. 2013 Canning riot
  • D. Worli riot

Q6: The movie 'Talvar' is based on whose murder

  • A. Arushi
  • B. Jessica Lal
  • C. Sheena Bora
  • D. Sunanda Pushkar

Q7: 'Once upon a time in Mumbai' ia movie based on which underworld Don

  • A. Dawood Ibrahim
  • B. Haji Mastan
  • C. Chota Rajan
  • D. Both I and II

Q8: The movie 'The Mountain Man' is based on which famous man

  • A. Hemanand Manjhi
  • B. Dashrath Manjhi
  • C. Ashish Manjhi
  • D. Devdutt Manjhi

Q9: On which real story is the movie 'Gangs of Wasseypur' based on

  • A. Coal Mafia in Odisha
  • B. Coal Mafia in Jharia
  • C. Coal Mafia in Bihar-Jharkhand
  • D. Coal Mafia in Nagpur

Q10: On whose life story is the movie 'Shootout at Wadla' based

  • A. Karim Lala
  • B. Haji Mastan
  • C. Tiger Memon
  • D. Manohar Arjun Aurve