Take this quiz on Charlize Theron and see how much you know about her?

Charlize Theron is a South African and American actress and producer. She is the recipient of many awards, including Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and the Silver Bear for Best Actress.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Where Charlize Theron was born

  • A. Soweto
  • B. Durban
  • C. Benoni
  • D. George

Q2: What was her profession before she started acting

  • A. Teacher
  • B. Journalist
  • C. Modelling
  • D. Doctor

Q3: In which movie she portrayed the role of a technician

  • A. The Italian Job
  • B. The Road
  • C. Astro Boy
  • D. Dark Places

Q4: For which movie she won the Academy Award

  • A. Monster
  • B. Tully
  • C. Mad Max
  • D. Sleepwalking

Q5: In which superhero movie she starred in

  • A. Hancock
  • B. Watchmen
  • C. Deadpool
  • D. Unbreakable

Q6: Which Irish actor was dated by her

  • A. Colin Farrell
  • B. James Nesbitt
  • C. Stephen Rea
  • D. Stuart Townsend

Q7: Which character was voiced by her in the movie Kubo And Two Strings

  • A. Kubo
  • B. Sariatu
  • C. Hanzo
  • D. Mari

Q8: Which movie bought her the nomination of the Golden Globe Award

  • A. Young Adult
  • B. Sweet November
  • C. Head In The Clouds
  • D. 15 Minutes

Q9: Who was her co star in the movie Sweet November

  • A. Keanu Reeves
  • B. Tom Hanks
  • C. Brad Pitt
  • D. Tom Cruise

Q10: For which movie she won the Critics Choice Award

  • A. Tully
  • B. North Country
  • C. Mad Max: Fury Road
  • D. Young Adult