How well do you know Dia Mirza, take this quiz and check?

How well do you know Dia Mirza, take this quiz and check

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Q1: When was she born?

  • A. 08-Dec
  • B. 09-Dec
  • C. 12-Jan
  • D. 09-Jan

Q2: To which famous industrialist did Dia Mirza married

  • A. Sahil Sangha
  • B. Sameer Saran
  • C. Sunjay Kapur
  • D. Rahul Bajaj

Q3: What was the name of the first movie she acted in with his spouse?

  • A. Love Sex and Dhoka
  • B. Love Breakups Zindagi
  • C. Love Aaj Kal
  • D. Rehna hai tere dil mei

Q4: Dia was honoured with which award in the year 2000

  • A. Miss Asia Pacific
  • B. Femina Miss India
  • C. Miss world
  • D. Miss universe

Q5: In 2006 Dia was seized by the Customs Department and was alleged for the?

  • A. Evasion of taxes
  • B. Blackmarketing
  • C. 2G scam
  • D. Sex racket

Q6: Name the debut movie of Dia Mirza

  • A. Love Breakups Zindagi
  • B. Rehna Hai tere dil mei
  • C. Aawara
  • D. Alvida

Q7: Dia Mirza has generated a lot of praise for her social work for which she was awarded?

  • A. Gandhi Peace Prize
  • B. Champions of the Earth
  • C. Green Award
  • D. Golden green award

Q8: As a social worker she has publically supported and written articles for?

  • A. The Silent Valley Project
  • B. Tarun Bharat Sangh
  • C. Chipko Movement
  • D. Narmada Bachao andolan

Q9: Dia Mirza in 2000 as runner up for Femina Miss India has won other titles like?

  • A. Miss Closeup Smile
  • B. Miss Avon
  • C. Miss Beautiful Smile
  • D. All of the above

Q10: Dia along with Aamir Khan raised voice against ________ it earned her the ire of the activists from Bharatiya Janata Party?

  • A. Sardar Sarovar Project
  • B. Sher Shah Suri Marg
  • C. Narnada bachao
  • D. Chipko movement