Take this quiz on Esha Deol and see how much you know about her?

Esha Deol is an Indian actress and model who predominantly appears in Hindi movies. She is a talented and successful actress of Bollywood. She not only won accolades for her performance but also managed to make her space for herself in showbiz with her endearing innocence.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: When Esha Deol was born

  • A. 2 nov 1981
  • B. 12 jan 1980
  • C. 23 sept 1983
  • D. 23 oct 1987

Q2: Which reality show she was a part of

  • A. Indian Idol
  • B. Roadies
  • C. X Factor
  • D. Bigg Boss

Q3: With which businessman she got married to

  • A. Deepak Ravindran
  • B. King Sidharth
  • C. Sanjay Kumaran
  • D. Bharat Takhtani

Q4: What is the name of her celebrity father

  • A. Dev Anand
  • B. Jeetendra
  • C. Dilip Kumar
  • D. Dharmendra

Q5: She starred in a movie directed by Hema Malini. Name that movie

  • A. Tell Me O Kkhuda
  • B. Darling
  • C. One Two Three
  • D. Hijack

Q6: In which Bollywood movie she appeared for the first time

  • A. Koi Mere Dil Se Poochhe
  • B. Kuchh To Hai
  • C. Cash
  • D. Sunday

Q7: Who was her co star in the movie Dhoom

  • A. Salman Khan
  • B. Aamir Khan
  • C. Abhishek Bachchan
  • D. Akshay Kumar

Q8: For which movie she won the Star Screen Awards

  • A. Na Tum Jaano Na Hum
  • B. Insan
  • C. Yuva
  • D. Dus

Q9: Which movie bought her the nomination for Stardust Award

  • A. Ankahee
  • B. Dhoom
  • C. Sunday
  • D. Kaal

Q10: What was her character name in the movie Yuva

  • A. Shashi
  • B. Meera
  • C. Radhika
  • D. Esha