How much you know about Euthanasia, take this quiz to check?

How much you know about Euthanasia, take this quiz to check

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Q1: What is the meaning of 'Euthanasia' in Greek?

  • A. Medicinal Death
  • B. Happy Death
  • C. Self Death
  • D. Good Death

Q2: Which movie of Hrithik Roshan portrayed about euthanasia?

  • A. Kaabil
  • B. Guzaarish
  • C. Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara
  • D. Kites

Q3: When did Supreme court of India allows passive Euthanasia?

  • A. 09 Marth 2018
  • B. 09-Mar-11
  • C. 09-Mar-14
  • D. 09-Mar-16

Q4: Which country have not yet legalised euthanasia?

  • A. Germany
  • B. China
  • C. Japan
  • D. Netherland

Q5: What kind of Euthanasia did Supreme court of India allow?

  • A. Voluntary Euthanasia
  • B. Involuntary Euthanasia
  • C. Active Euthanasia
  • D. Passive Euthanasia

Q6: Which king of England was euthanised?

  • A. George VI
  • B. George V
  • C. Edward VIII
  • D. Edward VII

Q7: The illegal tradition in south india where old feeble people are forced to drink cow milk until they suffer breathing problems and eventually die, what is it called?

  • A. thalaikoothal
  • B. thalaimuothal
  • C. Euthana
  • D. Euthanu

Q8: In which year Court of India legalised passive euthanasia following the Aruna Shanbaug case?

  • A. 2016
  • B. 2014
  • C. 2011
  • D. 2013

Q9: Which article of Indian constitution guarantees the right to life?

  • A. 21
  • B. 33
  • C. 36
  • D. 55

Q10: Which NGO had approached the court seeking a direction for recognition of 'living will' in Euthanasia case?

  • A. Common Cause
  • B. Smile
  • C. Live Life
  • D. Goonj