Take this quiz on Honey Singh and see how much you know about him?

Take this quiz on Honey Singh ans see how much you know about him

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   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

Q1: In which year Honey singh was born

  • A. 1983
  • B. 1982
  • C. 1984
  • D. 1980

Q2: In which city of Punjab he was born

  • A. Bhatinda
  • B. Hoshiarpur
  • C. Firozpur
  • D. Patiala

Q3: Where did he study music

  • A. Royal college of music
  • B. Leeds college of music
  • C. Trinity college
  • D. Edinburgh Music School

Q4: For 18 months he disappeared from music due to

  • A. Cerebral Plasy
  • B. Bipolar Disorder
  • C. Multiple personality disorder
  • D. Anxiety Disorder

Q5: What is singh's wife name

  • A. Shalini Talwar Singh
  • B. Saivi Talwar singh
  • C. Sailu Talwar singh
  • D. Sajna Talwar singh

Q6: For which song he received the ETC award for best sound

  • A. Blue Eyes
  • B. Glassi
  • C. Love Dose
  • D. Brown Rang

Q7: How much he charged for a song in Film Mastan

  • A. 3million
  • B. 4million
  • C. 7million
  • D. 6million

Q8: 'Angreji Beat' one of the singh's famous song was featured in which movie of Saif Ali Khan

  • A. Chef
  • B. Cocktail
  • C. Agent Vinod
  • D. Kaalakaandi

Q9: Singh made his debut as an actor in which Punjabi movie

  • A. Mirza-The Untold Story
  • B. Tu Mera 22 Main tera 22
  • C. Ishq Brandy
  • D. Zorawar

Q10: What is Sing's original name

  • A. Harsh singh
  • B. Hirdesh singh
  • C. Harri singh
  • D. Harit singh