Answer this quiz on Jack Palance and see how much you know about him?

Jack Palance was an Academy Award-winning American actor, who ruled the cinema screens with his outstanding portrayal of villainous characters. With his athletic frame, deep-set eyes, and high cheekbones, he was the quintessential evil-incarnate of his era. He was famous for his work in different successful movies.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: When Jack Palance was born

  • A. 18 feb 1919
  • B. 23 jun 1920
  • C. 25 dec 1917
  • D. 3 jan 1927

Q2: What was his real name

  • A. Volodymyr Palahniuk
  • B. Danylo Maksym
  • C. Vladimir John
  • D. Oleksander Denys

Q3: With which play he made his Broadway debut

  • A. Hamilton
  • B. Wicked
  • C. The Big Two
  • D. The Lion King

Q4: With which film he made his screen debut

  • A. Panic In The Streets
  • B. Shane
  • C. Second Chance
  • D. Kiss Of Fire

Q5: For which movie he won the Academy Award

  • A. Treasure Island
  • B. City Slickers
  • C. Safari Express
  • D. Attack

Q6: In which biographical movie he starred in

  • A. Ray
  • B. Che!
  • C. First Man
  • D. The Raging Bull

Q7: Which character was voiced by him in the movie The Swan Princess

  • A. Prince Derek
  • B. Jean Bob
  • C. Lord Rothbart
  • D. Chamberlain

Q8: Who was his co star in the movie Contempt

  • A. Isabel Jewell
  • B. Sean Penn
  • C. Michel Piccoli
  • D. Frances Bavier

Q9: Which year Jack Palance died

  • A. 2005
  • B. 2007
  • C. 2008
  • D. 2006

Q10: Who was the director of Jack Palance starring movie Kill A Dragon

  • A. Michael Moore
  • B. Henry Levin
  • C. Stuart Heisler
  • D. David Miller