Take this quiz on Jamie Dornan?

Jamie Dornan is famous actor who portrayed the character The Huntsman in Once Upon A Time tv series and gained huge recognition and since then he never looked back and gifted us with great movies.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: When Jamie Dornan was born

  • A. 1 may 1982
  • B. 2 dec 1988
  • C. 24 feb 1983
  • D. 29 jun 1981

Q2: He took part in which Channel 4 reality show

  • A. Big Brother
  • B. Model Behaviour
  • C. Fifteen To One
  • D. Naked Elvis

Q3: With which movie he made his acting debut

  • A. Children Of Men
  • B. Babel
  • C. Blood Diamond
  • D. Marie Antoinette

Q4: Which film did he star with Jean Simmons

  • A. Shadows In The Sun
  • B. Beyond The Rave
  • C. Crank
  • D. 300

Q5: Which character of Fifty Shades Series was portrayed by him

  • A. Christian Grey
  • B. Jose Rodriguez
  • C. Elliot Grey
  • D. Bob Adams

Q6: With whom he got married

  • A. Rita Ora
  • B. Dakota Johnson
  • C. Emma Stone
  • D. Amelia Warner

Q7: For which film he won People's Choice Award

  • A. Widows
  • B. ASimple Favour
  • C. Fifty Shades Freed
  • D. Blockers

Q8: Who was his co star in the movie Beyond The Rave

  • A. Nora-Jane Noone
  • B. Anthony Head
  • C. Max Pirkis
  • D. Bradley Cooper

Q9: For which film he won Broadcasting Press Guild Award

  • A. The Fall
  • B. Hugo
  • C. Drive
  • D. Moneyball

Q10: In which short film, he appeared

  • A. X Returns
  • B. Paperman
  • C. Prego
  • D. A Single Life