Take this quiz questions on Kevin Kline and see how much you know about him?

Kelvin Kline is an American actor and singer. He was a well rounded and respected stage actor before beginning a film career. He was known for his low key intensity in dramatic roles and as a master of physical comedy.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: When Kevin Kline was born

  • A. 24 oct 1947
  • B. 21 dec 1955
  • C. 28 sep 1945
  • D. 1 jan 1956

Q2: What is his middle name

  • A. Andrew
  • B. John
  • C. Delaney
  • D. Marvin

Q3: What is his Alma Mater

  • A. Indiana University, Bloomington
  • B. Queens College
  • C. Priory Preparatory School
  • D. University of California

Q4: With which movie he made his debut

  • A. Trade
  • B. As You Like It
  • C. Queen To Play
  • D. Sophie's Choice

Q5: With celebrity actress is he married to

  • A. Phoebe Cates
  • B. Emma Stone
  • C. Jennifer Hudson
  • D. Emily Blunt

Q6: For which film he won the Academy Award

  • A. Dave
  • B. The Extra Man
  • C. Life As a House
  • D. A Fish Called Wanda

Q7: Which character was voiced by him in the movie The Road To El Dorado

  • A. Pip
  • B. Altivo
  • C. Chel
  • D. Tulio

Q8: For which movie Screen Actors Guild Award

  • A. Life As A House
  • B. Dave
  • C. As You Like It
  • D. A Fish Called Wanda

Q9: In which biographical movie he starred in

  • A. Into The Wild
  • B. Lincoln
  • C. Chaplin
  • D. Goodfellas

Q10: Which character was voiced by him in the movie Beauty and the Beast

  • A. Agathe
  • B. Beast
  • C. Chip
  • D. Maurice