Lenin Quiz - Take this test and check how much you know about Vladimir Lenin??

Lenin Quiz - Take this test and check how much you know about Vladimir Lenin?

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Q1: Who did Lenin overthrow in the November Revolution of 1917 to take power in Russia?

  • A. Tsar Nicholas II
  • B. Anton Denikin
  • C. Aleksandr Kerensky
  • D. Aleksandr Kolchak

Q2: What is the name of Lenin at birth?

  • A. Gorki
  • B. Zinoviev
  • C. Khelmnitskyi
  • D. Ulyanov

Q3: What color best describes Lenin's beard during the October Revolution?

  • A. Gray
  • B. Black
  • C. Blond
  • D. Red

Q4: After Lenin's death which city was renamed Leningrad?

  • A. Volgograd
  • B. Tsaritsyn
  • C. Novgorod
  • D. St. Petersburg

Q5: What was Lenin's wife's name?

  • A. Kaplan
  • B. Tolokonnikova
  • C. Beltikova
  • D. Krupskaya

Q6: What significant event happened to Lenin in 1918, seriously affecting his health?

  • A. stroke
  • B. diagnosed with lung cancer
  • C. gunshot wound
  • D. mental breakdown

Q7: In 1919 Lenin established a Comintern - Communist International to create what?

  • A. world revolution
  • B. A communist League of Nations
  • C. A global trade union of communists
  • D. An end to global poverty

Q8: Lenin led the group known as the Bolsheviks. What does bolshevik mean?

  • A. workers
  • B. proletariat
  • C. exploited
  • D. majority

Q9: Lenin was arrested for revolutionary activity and exiled to which part of Russia for three years?

  • A. Siberia
  • B. Ukraine
  • C. Black Sea
  • D. Vladivostok

Q10: What was Lenin's patronymic name?

  • A. Sergeivich
  • B. Ilyich
  • C. Alexeivich
  • D. Shastakovich