This quiz will tell how much you know about Lord Shiva?

This quiz will tell how much you know about Lord Shiva

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   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

Q1: Which form of Shiva is known as the Lord of animals and beasts, who controls our beastly passions?

  • A. Vrkshanath
  • B. Pashupati
  • C. Bhuteshvar
  • D. Mahakala

Q2: In which form is Shiva known as Lord of Time?

  • A. Rudra
  • B. Mahadev
  • C. Mahakala
  • D. Ardanarishwara

Q3: Brahma the uncaring creator was punished by Shiva by cutting his fifth head. Which form did Shiva take to undertake this divine mission?

  • A. Bhairava
  • B. Dakshinamurti
  • C. Rudra
  • D. Bhuteshwar

Q4: Shiva as the great cosmic teacher is known by the name

  • A. Rudra
  • B. Neelakantha
  • C. Dakshinamurti
  • D. Kalabhairav

Q5: As the keeper of the sacred plant Soma, Shiva is known as

  • A. Vaidyanath
  • B. Somanath
  • C. Kapalin
  • D. Bhasmeshvar

Q6: Sati the wife of Shiva was the daughter of

  • A. Daksha Prajapati
  • B. Himavan
  • C. Indra
  • D. Sage Vishwamitra

Q7: To avenge Sati?s death, Shiva plucked his hair and threw it down and from it appeared

  • A. Nandi
  • B. Bhasmasura
  • C. Chamunda
  • D. Virabhadra

Q8: Parvati was the daughter of

  • A. Sage Vasishta
  • B. Daskha
  • C. Himavan, the king of mountains
  • D. Gautam Rishi

Q9: Shiva drank the poison that appeared during the Samdura Manthan (churning of ocean) and he came to be known as

  • A. Trilochan
  • B. Kapardin
  • C. Neelakantha
  • D. Bhava

Q10: The three flying cities that Shiva destroyed was known as

  • A. Meru
  • B. Tripura
  • C. Lanka
  • D. Indralok