Take this quiz on Madan Puri?

Madan Puri was an Indian Film actor, who was famous for portraying negative roles. He worked in around 430 movies in 50 years of his career.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Which year he was born

  • A. 1915
  • B. 1916
  • C. 1920
  • D. 1912

Q2: Which among the following movie Madan puri appeared for the first time

  • A. Goong
  • B. Ahinsa
  • C. Sona
  • D. Singaar

Q3: What is his brother's name

  • A. Amrish Puri
  • B. Om Puri
  • C. Anil Puri
  • D. Akash Puri

Q4: Which character in Jhoothi was performed by him

  • A. Dr Anil
  • B. Kamal
  • C. Professor Puri
  • D. Babulal

Q5: In which language movies he appeared other than hindi movies

  • A. Tamil
  • B. English
  • C. Punjabi
  • D. Marathi

Q6: Who was his co star in the movie Jaali Note

  • A. Dev Anand
  • B. Pran
  • C. Dharmendra
  • D. Shammi Kapoor

Q7: What is the name of his biography

  • A. The Substance And The Shadow
  • B. Anything But Khamosh
  • C. My Father, the villian
  • D. And Then One Day

Q8: Who directed Madan Puri starring movie Fakira

  • A. C P Dixit
  • B. Raj N Sippy
  • C. Vijay Talwar
  • D. Bhappi Sonie

Q9: Which movie did he star with Amitabh Bachchan

  • A. Deewar
  • B. Awaaz
  • C. Avtaar
  • D. Khalifa

Q10: When Madan Puri died

  • A. 12 dec 1987
  • B. 13 jan 1985
  • C. 16 feb 1987
  • D. 13 jul 1988