Answer this quiz questions on Om Prakash and see how much you know about him?

Om Prakash was an Indian character actor. He was excellent in every role he portrayed in Bollywood and gained a huge recognition for his work.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: When Om Prakash was born

  • A. 11 jan 1920
  • B. 19 dec 1919
  • C. 23 dec 1921
  • D. 24 dec 1923

Q2: What was his full name

  • A. Om Prakash Bakshi Chibber
  • B. Om Prakash Banshi Chibber
  • C. Om Prakash Gourango Chibber
  • D. Om Prakash Kalinga Chibber

Q3: Before acting he was working in which radio station

  • A. Big FM
  • B. All India Radio
  • C. Radio One
  • D. Radio City

Q4: In which film he got his first break

  • A. Bansaria
  • B. Char Din
  • C. Alaap
  • D. Daasi

Q5: Which film did he star with Amitabh Bachchan

  • A. Sargam
  • B. Lahore
  • C. Alaap
  • D. Sargam

Q6: In which film he portrayed the role of a drug addict prisoner

  • A. Hawalaat
  • B. Maa
  • C. Julie
  • D. Naach

Q7: Who was his co star in the movie Sargam

  • A. Rishi Kapoor
  • B. Amrish Puri
  • C. Raj Kapoor
  • D. Anita Raj

Q8: For which film he won the Filmfare Award

  • A. Dus Lakh
  • B. Pratikar
  • C. Sharada
  • D. Miss Mary

Q9: What is the name of his last movie

  • A. Rahi
  • B. Roti
  • C. Zanjeer
  • D. Ghar Ki Izzat

Q10: When Om Prakash died

  • A. 22 mar 1999
  • B. 21 feb 1998
  • C. 28 jun 1997
  • D. 23 may 1995