How much do you know about Priyanka Chopra take this quiz?

How much do you know about Priyanka Chopra take this quiz

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Q1: In which year Priyanka chopra was born

  • A. 1980
  • B. 1981
  • C. 1982
  • D. 1983

Q2: What was her profession before she joined Bollywood

  • A. Teacher
  • B. Model
  • C. Fashion Designer
  • D. Psychologist

Q3: Name the city where Priyanka was born

  • A. Mumbai
  • B. Delhi
  • C. Jamshedpur
  • D. Shillong

Q4: Which beauty title did Priyanka win in 2000

  • A. Miss Universe
  • B. Miss India
  • C. Miss Mumbai
  • D. Miss World

Q5: Governement of India has honoured her with which civilian award

  • A. Padma Shri
  • B. Padma Bhusan
  • C. Padma Vibhushan
  • D. Bharat Ratna

Q6: Which among the following Bollywood movie Priyanka made her first appearance

  • A. The Hero
  • B. Andaaz
  • C. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi
  • D. Aitraaz

Q7: Priyanka is also the founder of a production company.Name that company

  • A. Phantom Films
  • B. Purple Pebble Pictures
  • C. Excel Entertainment
  • D. Balaji Motion Pictures

Q8: For which movie she won National Award for best actress

  • A. Fashion
  • B. Barfi
  • C. Mary Kom
  • D. Bajirao Mastani

Q9: Priyanka Chopra's song 'Exotic' featured which of the following star

  • A. Rihanna
  • B. Enrique
  • C. Eminem
  • D. Pitbull

Q10: Which magazine had selected Priyanka Chopra as the 'Hottest Girl of the year' in 2011

  • A. Filmfare
  • B. Vouge
  • C. People
  • D. Maxim