Answer this quiz questions on Tom Hardy and see how much you know about him ?

Tom Hardy is an English actress and producer. He has received nominations for many awards for his portrayal of different roles in movies. He is in charity work and he is an ambassador for the Prince's Trust.

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   Author : Soumi Banerjee

Q1: Which year Tom Hardy was born

  • A. 1976
  • B. 1977
  • C. 1978
  • D. 1976

Q2: What is his full name

  • A. Edward Thomas Hardy
  • B. Eddie Thomas Hardy
  • C. Christian Thomas Hardy
  • D. Joseph Thomas Hardy

Q3: In which feature film he made his debut

  • A. Lawless
  • B. City Lights
  • C. King Kong
  • D. Black Hawk Down

Q4: Which Christopher Nolan movie he starred in

  • A. The Dark Knight Rises
  • B. The Godfather
  • C. Taxi Driver
  • D. Annie Hall

Q5: Which movie bought him the nomination for Academy Award

  • A. The Revenant
  • B. Flood
  • C. Bronson
  • D. Thor

Q6: With which actress he got married to

  • A. Emily Blunt
  • B. Emilia Clark
  • C. Anna Hathaway
  • D. Charlotte Riley

Q7: In which American Marvel movie he starred in

  • A. Captain Marvel
  • B. Venom
  • C. Thor
  • D. Doctor Strange

Q8: For which movie he won the Critics' Choice Movie Award

  • A. Mad Max Fury Road
  • B. Legend
  • C. London
  • D. Child 44

Q9: Who was his co star in the movie Dunkirk

  • A. Jack Lowden
  • B. Olivia Colman
  • C. Anita Dobson
  • D. Anna Hale

Q10: In which play of Almeida Theatre he acted

  • A. Blood
  • B. The Man of Mode
  • C. Festen
  • D. The Modernists