How much do you know about these World Organisations?

How much do you know about these World Organisations

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Q1: Which among the following is not a chief organ of the UNO

  • A. Security Council
  • B. International Court of Justice
  • C. General Assembly
  • D. ILO

Q2: The year 1995 is the Golden Jubliee year of which of the following organisations

  • A. Nam
  • B. UNO
  • C. WTO
  • D. ASEAN

Q3: At which of the following places The UNCTAD is located

  • A. Rome
  • B. Paris
  • C. Vienna
  • D. Geneva

Q4: Where is the International Court of Justice located

  • A. Geveva
  • B. Hauge
  • C. New York
  • D. Rome

Q5: The UNESCO is headquartered at

  • A. Paris
  • B. Rome
  • C. Vienna
  • D. Geneva

Q6: Name the UN body that deals with Population problem

  • A. UNDP
  • C. UNFPA

Q7: Which among the following is a military alliance

  • A. NAFTA
  • B. EEC
  • C. ASEAN
  • D. NATO

Q8: In which year and where UNO was founded

  • A. 1945,San Francisco
  • B. 1944,Moscow
  • C. 1945,London
  • D. 1945,Paris

Q9: Who was the first secretary general of UNO

  • A. Kurt Waldheim
  • B. Trygve Lie
  • C. U Thant
  • D. Dag Hamarskjoeld

Q10: Who are the member countries of NAFTA

  • A. USA,Canada and Mexico
  • B. Canada and Mexico
  • C. USA and Canada
  • D. USA and Mexico