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How well do you know about the International Border Lines?

How well do you know about the International Border Lines

How well do you know about the International Border Lines

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 26-Feb-2018

Q1: Radcliffe line is the boundary between

  • A. India and Russia
  • B. India and china
  • C. India and Pakistan
  • D. Indian and srilanka

Q2: Which country shares Durand line

  • A. Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • B. Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • C. India and srilanka
  • D. India and China

Q3: McMahon line is in between which two countries

  • A. Pakistan and china
  • B. India and China
  • C. India and Bangladesh
  • D. Russia and China

Q4: The line which Pakistan claims should be the Demarcation line between India and Pakistan,Not accepted by india is named as which line

  • A. 24th Parallel
  • B. 23rd Parallel
  • C. 25th Parallel
  • D. 26th Parallel

Q5: Boundary line between Germany and Poland to which Germany retreated in 1917 is

  • A. Hindenberg Line
  • B. Oder-Neisse Line
  • C. Mannerheim Line
  • D. Maginot Line

Q6: The boundary line between Poland and East Germany

  • A. Oder-Neisse Line
  • B. Maginot Line
  • C. Siegfrid Line
  • D. 17th Parallel

Q7: Line between Russia and Finland

  • A. 17th parallel
  • B. 24th parallel
  • C. 38th parallel
  • D. Mannerheim Line

Q8: Line between Noth Vietnam and South Vietnam

  • A. 24th parallel
  • B. 17th parallel
  • C. 38th parallel
  • D. 49th parallel

Q9: The boundary line between France and Germany

  • A. Maginot Line
  • B. Hindenberg Line
  • C. Durand Line
  • D. 46th Parallel

Q10: 49th parallel is the line between

  • A. America and canada
  • B. North Korea and South Korea
  • C. Poland and East Germany
  • D. Germany and Poland

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