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How well do you know C.V.Raman take this quiz?

How well do you know C.V.Raman take this quiz

How well do you know C.V.Raman take this quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 26-Jun-2018

Q1: When was C.V.Raman born

  • A. 5 May 1855
  • B. 14 Jan 1820
  • C. 26-Aug-14
  • D. 7 Nov 1888

Q2: What was his full name

  • A. Chandrashekhara Venkata
  • B. Chatrapati Venkata
  • C. Chakravarti Venkata
  • D. Chatrapati Vellore

Q3: For which of his work he won Nobel prize in Physics

  • A. Light Scattering
  • B. Electromagnetic Waves
  • C. Relativity
  • D. Electricity

Q4: By what name C.V.Raman's discovery is known as

  • A. Theory of Evolution
  • B. Theory of Planetary Motion
  • C. Raman Effect
  • D. Ramn Discovery

Q5: Which highest civilian award was given to Raman by the government of India in 1954

  • A. Padma Shri
  • B. Padma Vibhushan
  • C. Padma Bhushan
  • D. Bharat Ratna

Q6: Raman left IACS to join which prestigious institute as its first Indian director

  • A. IISER Kolkata
  • B. IISc Banglore
  • C. IISER Thiruvanathapuram
  • D. None

Q7: What is the name of the day that is celebrated on 28 Feb every year to commemorate discovery of Raman Effect

  • A. National Biology day
  • B. National Chemistry Day
  • C. National Science day
  • D. National Physics Day

Q8: To whom did Raman marry

  • A. Trilokya
  • B. Lokasundari
  • C. Ramya
  • D. Aattya

Q9: Which of the following awards Raman has won

  • A. Knight Bachelor
  • B. Lenin Peace Prize
  • C. Fellow of the Royal Society
  • D. All of the above

Q10: What was the name of Ramam's nephew who also won Nobel Prize for his discovery in 1931

  • A. Narayan Chandrasekhar
  • B. K.S.Krishnan
  • C. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
  • D. K.S.Ramanan

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