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How well you know about Ed Sheeran? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Ed Sheeran? Take this quiz to know

The singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran is a music prodigy that we have grown to adore. He became known to the public in 2012 after working as an opening act for one of his closest friends and country music singer Taylor Swift. He has since become one to watch out for. He has released 2 albums that have won numerous awards in the four years that he has been around.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 18-Feb-2019

Q1: What is his full name

  • A. Eden Dylan Sheeran
  • B. Edward Christopher Sheeran
  • C. Edmund Jacob Sheeran
  • D. Edison James Sheeran

Q2: In which year he was born

  • A. 1990
  • B. 1989
  • C. 1992
  • D. 1991

Q3: Which 'Harry Potter' star did he make a music video with?

  • A. Emma Watson
  • B. Rupert Grint
  • C. Daniel Radcliffe
  • D. Alan Rickman

Q4: He co-written which song for the band One Direction

  • A. Moments
  • B. What Makes You Beautiful
  • C. Live While We're Young
  • D. Drag Me Down

Q5: What is the name of Sheeran debue album

  • A. Plus
  • B. Spinning Man
  • C. X
  • D. Divide

Q6: In the album Red he collaborated with which singer

  • A. Selena Gomez
  • B. Taylor Swift
  • C. Beyonce
  • D. Ariana Grande

Q7: Which song of him was featured in the movie Fault In Our Stars

  • A. Little Things
  • B. Shape of You
  • C. Perfect
  • D. All of the Stars

Q8: With whom he had a collaboration for the duet version of Perfect

  • A. Adele
  • B. Rihanna
  • C. Katy Perry
  • D. Beyonce

Q9: In which year he won Billboard Latin Music Awards for Top Artist

  • A. 2017
  • B. 2015
  • C. 2018
  • D. 2016

Q10: He gave voice over to which character of The Simpsons

  • A. Brendan
  • B. Grampa Simpson
  • C. Lenny Leonard
  • D. Carl Carlson,

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