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How well you know Emma Stone?

How well you know Emma Stone

American actress Emma Stone is best known for her witty and charming roles in several popular comedies.She also had roles in the critically praised The Help and the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love, both released in 2011. The fiery young actress was so dedicated that she dyed her childhood blonde locks a dark brown, hoping that the change would help her land more serious roles.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 14-Feb-2019

Q1: In which year she was born

  • A. 1988
  • B. 1980
  • C. 1990
  • D. 1995

Q2: What was his real name

  • A. Elena Joanna Stone
  • B. Emily Jean Stone
  • C. Ellen Jenna Stone
  • D. Elgin Riggi Stone

Q3: Stone made her debue with which movie

  • A. Paper Man
  • B. Marmaduke
  • C. The Help
  • D. Superbad

Q4: What is her character name television series The New Partridge Family

  • A. Laurie Partridge
  • B. Railey Partridge
  • C. Monica Partridge
  • D. Julie Partridge

Q5: She started her career by which name

  • A. Riley Stone
  • B. Mila Stone
  • C. Mandy Stone
  • D. Rindi Stone

Q6: In which film she portrayed the character of Billie Jean King

  • A. Battle of the Sexes
  • B. Magic in the Moonlight
  • C. Movie 43
  • D. The Croods

Q7: For La La Land she won which award

  • A. British Independent Film Awards
  • B. Comedy Awards
  • C. Independent Spirit Awards
  • D. Academy Awards

Q8: She is in which Netflix series

  • A. The Crown
  • B. 13 Reasons Why
  • C. Narcos
  • D. Maniac

Q9: Who was her co star in Amazing Spider man 2

  • A. Andrew Garfield
  • B. Ryan Gosling
  • C. Taylor Lautner
  • D. Paul Rudd

Q10: She is a fan of which English pop girl group

  • A. Atomic Kitten
  • B. Dolly Rockers
  • C. Spice Girls
  • D. Disco 2000

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