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How much you can score in this Filmfare award quiz?

How much you can score in this Filmfare award quiz

How much you can score in this Filmfare award quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 03-Apr-2018

Q1: When was the award first introduced

  • A. 1953
  • B. 1954
  • C. 1955
  • D. 1956

Q2: It is actually presented by

  • A. The Times Group
  • B. Financial times
  • C. The Hindu
  • D. None of these

Q3: After whom the award was initially named as 'The Clares'

  • A. J.E Brennan
  • B. Robert Knight
  • C. Sham Lal
  • D. Clare Mendonca

Q4: The Filmfare award is often referred to which award in United States

  • A. Academy Awards
  • B. Gotham Awards
  • C. Iowa Film Critics
  • D. Golden Raspberry Awards

Q5: When was the first function held

  • A. 1952
  • B. 1954
  • C. 1956
  • D. 1958

Q6: At which place was the function held

  • A. Thane Theatre Mumbai
  • B. Ashoka Theatre Mumbai
  • C. Metro Theatre Mumbai
  • D. Sane Theatre Mumbai

Q7: Which hollywood star was invited at the first event of Filmfare

  • A. Gregory Peck
  • B. John Wayne
  • C. Marilyn Monroe
  • D. James Stewart

Q8: Who was the first actor to win filmfare award

  • A. Raj Kapoor
  • B. Dev Anand
  • C. Dilip Kumar
  • D. Bharat Bhushan

Q9: Who was the first actress to win filmfare award

  • A. Meena Kumari
  • B. Madhubala
  • C. Nargis
  • D. Mala Sinha

Q10: Which film director has won maximum number of awards

  • A. Yash Chopra
  • B. Bimal Roy
  • C. Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  • D. Raj Kapoor

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